In order to use Rain Bird Automatic irrigation systems with the most efficient and appropriate products, the most basic requirement is to specify the area to be irrigated on the project and make the right product selection according to this area.
We provide product and irrigation system consultancy to all kinds of landscape and agricultural projects with our professional team, it should not be forgotten that the most basic form of irrigation is to irrigate the right area with the right product.
Determining the product after the project drawing also saves money for the most efficient irrigation with the least equipment. Our project team ensures efficiency and water savings by making the latest technology automatic irrigation system product preferences for the product to be irrigated.
Projecting the area to be irrigated and presenting it as a system also helps us to get an accurate and realistic cost before the implementation.
Our team of experts with many years of a very prestigious long irrigation project in Turkey, which has done the landscape drawings and consultancy advice we offer our customers the most appropriate solutions.