Rainbird 1ZEHTMR Automatic İrrigation Digital Timer

Faucet attached Controller. Automate your hose-end sprinklers, drip irrigation system or soaker hose for better scheduling consistency with this easy-to-use digital controller. Along with rugged dependability for season-long outdoor use, this professional grade controller offers sophisticated functions for worry-free watering convenience.
Manufacturer: Rain Bird
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  • Extra large readout screen and programming dial make it easy to set and review your watering schedules.
  • In operation, the screen also displays program status such as next scheduled cycle and time remaining on a current cycle.
  • Advanced features include programming up to two watering times per day on any day(s) of the week, plus “water now” and “cancel” buttons to override programs instantly when desired.
  • Ideal for use with Rain Bird drip or any hose end sprinklers. Go automatic with your watering in any area of your yard: gardens, landscaping beds, newly seeded as well as established lawns.
  • Digital settings allow tailoring schedules for greener results with less water
  • Scheduled watering up to twice per day enables water to soak in, even on slopes or with clay soil
  • Programming by day of week complies with watering restrictions
  • Instant override buttons for Rain Delay (cancel watering) and Water Now (manual watering)
  • Specific rain delay up to 96 hours can also be set without affecting the stored program
  • Large screen lets you see all settings at a glance
  • Duration of watering time: 1 mn to 6h
  • Number of station: 1
  • ¾” female threaded inlet (BSP)
  • ¾” male threaded outlet (BSP)
  • Intended for outdoor use with cold water only
  • Working water pressure: 1 bar (minimum) – 6 bar (maximum)
  • Working temperature: Keep from freezing –maximum temperature :43°
  • Uses 2X1,5V AA alkaline batteries (not included)